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CR United Soccer Club

CR United Soccer Club

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CR United Annual Board Meeting Sept 15, 2019 at Sandcreek Park Meeting Room
Positions up for election:

Vice President - Nick Kopp (Incumbent)
Treasurer - Susie Griffith (Incumbent)
Registrar - Jill Robinson (Incumbent)
Marketing - Brian Evans (Incumbent)
Competitive - Fred Guenther (Incumbent)
Recreational - Jenni Gallipo (Not running for reelection - open)
Equipment - Michelle Paine (Incumbent)

To nominate someone for a position, please email the nomination to Kate Gambino at [email protected] by Aug 15th

CR United Soccer Club Bylaws

CR United SC Bylaws


meeting agenda 1.27.19.docx
meeting minutes 1.27.19.docx
meeting agenda 3.03.19.docx
meeting minutes 3.03.19.docx
electronic vote 3.14.19.docx
meeting agenda 3.31.19.docx
meeting minutes 3.31.19.docx
meeting agenda 4.28.19.docx
meeting minutes 4.28.19.docx
meeting agenda 6.09.19 .docx
meeting minutes 6.09.19 .docx
meeting agenda 8.11.19.docx
meeting minutes 8.11.19.docx
annual meeting agenda 9.15.19.docx

meeting agenda 2-18-2018.docx
meeting minutes 2-18-2018.docx
meeting agenda 3-18-2018.docx
meeting minutes 3-18-2018.docx
meeting agenda 4-15-2018.docx
meeting minutes 4-15-2018.docx
meeting agenda 5-12-2018.docx
meeting minutes 5-12-2018.docx
meeting agenda 7-8-2018.docx
meeting minutes 7-8-2018.docx
meeting agenda 8-26-2018.docx
meeting minutes 8-26-2018.docx
annual meeting 9.16.18 agenda.docx
annual meeting 9.16.18 minutes.docx
open meeting minutes 9-16-2018.docx
meeting agenda 10-21-2018.docx
meeting minutes 10-21-2018.docx
meeting agenda 12-02-18.docx
meeting minutes 12-02-18.docx

meeting agenda 3-05-2017.docx
meeting minutes 3-05-2017.docx

meeting agenda 4-09-2017.docx
meeting agenda 4-09-2017.docx
meeting agenda 6-11-2017.docx
meeting minutes 6-11-2017.docx
meeting agenda 7-9-2017.docx
meeting minutes 7-9-2017.docx
meeting agenda 8-20-2017.docx
meeting minutes 8-20-2017.docx
annual meeting 9.17.17 agenda.docx
annual meeting 9.17.17 minutes.docx
meeting agenda 12-03-2017.docx
meeting minutes 12-03-2017.docx

meeting minutes 12-18-2016.docx
minutes 10-16-2016.docx
agenda 5-15-16.docx
agenda 3-20-16.docx
agenda 2-21-16.docx
agenda 1-6-16.docx

agenda 9-20-15.docx
agenda 8-16-15.docx
agenda 7-26-15.docx
agenda 6-21-15.docx
agenda 5-17-15.docx
agenda 3-15-15.docx

agenda 7-18-13.docx
agenda 2-24-13.docx
agenda 2-6-13.docx


annual meeting 9-21-14.docx
annual meeting 9-20-15.docx

Committee Meetings
comp mtg agenda 2-7-18.docx
comp mtg minutes 2-7-18.docx
rec mtg minutes 1-29-18.docx
tournament committee mtg 2-13-18.docx
fundraising mtg minutes 5-9-18.docx
fundraising mtg minutes 5-23-18.docx
fundraising mtg minutes 5-30-18.docx
fundraising mtg minutes 6-19-18.docx

rec mtg 4.16.19.docx
tournament mtg 4.7.19.docx



income statement august 2015.pdf
balance sheet 6-21-15.docx
balance sheet august 2015.pdf
balance sheet 12-29-15.docx
pl 6-21-15.docx
pl 12-29-15.docx

pl 1-6-16.txt


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CR United Soccer Club

P.O. Box 48778 
Coon Rapids, Minnesota 55448

Email Us: [email protected]
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