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CR United Soccer Club

Tournament Rules

Tournament Sanctioning

The CR United Soccer Club is in good standing with the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA), a member of the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).  All CR United SC tournaments are fully sanctioned through the MYSA.


Tournament Brackets

·       Our desire is to fill all brackets as shown below.  However, CR United SC reserves the right to combine age groups or playing levels as appropriate.  All brackets will contain a minimum of three, and a maximum of sixteen teams.

·       In brackets of eight teams, the brackets will be created with four teams each. The winner of each bracket will play in the championship game.

·       In brackets of 12 or 16 teams, the bracket winners will advance to the championship rounds, seeded accordingly by top tournament points. 

·       In brackets with odd numbers such as 5, 7, and 9 teams, championship teams will be seeded by top points. 

·       In brackets with 6 teams, the brackets will be created with three teams each with cross-over matches.  The winner of each bracket will play in the championship game.

·       Teams that play the extra match, due to an odd number of teams in a bracket, will have their scores averaged.

·       No third-place games will be played for brackets with six or fewer teams.

·       Each team will play a minimum of three games.

·       Championship games will be 35 minutes halves for all 11 v 11 matches.  

·       Teams may apply to play in older age groups or higher playing levels than their USSF Sanctioning by indicating this desire on the application form.

·       Teams may play down to a lower age level in the same classification provided that all players are age eligible.  

·       All player passes will be presented before each game.

·       Any player may play for only ONE team in any given MYSA Sanctioned tournament.

·       9U and 10U brackets will be non-competitive, as in MYSA league play.  Scores will be posted on the website, however.

·       Teams may not change affiliation once they have registered and been accepted for the tournament.

Anticipated Brackets:

Age Group


Players Per Side

Game Duration




7 v 7

2 x 25 min




7 v 7

2 x 25 min




9 v 9

2 x 30 min




9 v 9

2 x 30 min




League One

11 v 11

2 x 35 min




League One

11 v 11

2 x 35 min




League One

11 v 11

2 x 35 min




League One

11 v 11

2 x 35 min




League One

11 v 11

2 x 35 min





League One

11 v 11

2 x 35 min




League One

11 v 11

2 x 35 min




·       All scores must be reported on the form provided by referee coordinator, and turned in to tournament headquarters.

·       Game results, including notification of teams advancing to playoff rounds, will be posted at the Tournament Headquarters and club website,, and will be updated daily throughout the tournament.

Tournament Headquarters/Directors

·       Tournament Headquarters are located at the Coon Rapids Soccer Complex.

·       The Tournament Director is: Jessica Moore

·       Emal:  [email protected]

·       Each playing site will have a Site Coordinator with phone access to the Tournament Director, should questions arise.

Check-In Requirements


 **Player & coach passes (picture IDs) or player roster with photos and medical release forms must be present and available at all games.

·       MYSA teams: 

·       (1) Player Roster with photos 

·       Guest Player form (only if applicable)

·       Non-MYSA teams: 

·       (1) Player Roster

·       Copy of Player & Coach Pass/ID cards 

·       Guest Player form (only if applicable)

Only electronic check-in accepted for these tournaments.  Electronic check-in opens 1 week prior to the tournament start date and closes at noon the day prior to the start date of the tournament.  


Out of State Teams
- Travel permission from their own state association is due 15 days prior to start of tournament.  They must be uploaded to your team manager’s account. 

Non-US Youth Soccer Teams must provide proof of insurance at check in.


Game Fields

·       Games will be played on quality soccer fields either at the Coon Rapids Soccer Complex or an offsite field if necessary.

·       Teams will be notified of any offsite locations.  All venues are within 10 minutes travel time of each other. 

·       All directions are available at and at tournament check in.

·       All areas being used are smoke -free, alcohol free, and drug free zones. Smoking or use of alcohol/drugs is strictly prohibited at any of the tournament sites.  

·       No animals are allowed at any tournament site. Service animals are allowed as per city regulations. 


Registration and Fees

·       Registration will be accepted in the order received, provided room exists in the bracket being registered for. 

·       Fees are non-refundable if games are cancelled for any reason.

·       Fees

·       May/June tournaments

·       9U-10U:    $375          

·       11U-12U:  $400                                                                      

·       13U-19U:  $475

·       Fall tournament

·       9U-10U:    $375

·       11U-12U:  $400

·       13U-14U:  $475

·       Tournament schedules, and field maps along, with general information will be emailed one week prior to the start of the games.

Players and Roster

·       15U-19U teams will be allowed to submit a pool of 22, however only 18 players will be allowed to suit up for each game.

·       13U-14U teams will be allowed to roster a maximum of 20 players.

·       11U-12U team will be allowed to roster a maximum of 16 players.

·       9U-10U team will be allowed to roster a maximum of 14 roster players.

·       A player will only be allowed to play on one team.

·       Guest Players

·       A maximum of five guest players are permitted per team.

·       Guest players must be a registered USSF registered player with their state association who is age eligible.

·       A premier player may not be a guest player except in the 17U – 19U age groups.

·       Each guest player will need a signed MYSA guest player form.


·       Awards will be given to 1st place.

·       Please head to the tournament headquarters after your last game to receive your awards.

·       Participation gifts will be given to all 9U/10U players.   

·       All awards will be presented immediately following each team’s last game.

Severe Weather & Field Conditions Policy

The tournament will follow MYSA weather guidelines for the suspension of play or cancellation of games in the event of severe weather or adverse field conditions. 
  • Severe weather is a possibility.  Weather reports are monitored very closely. 

  • Severe weather generally means heavy thunderstorms accompanied by frequent lightning and/or dangerous high winds.  A light or medium      rain shower, in the absence of thunder or lightning, does not generally constitute severe weather. 

  • Lightening will cease play.  An air horn will blow once if teams need to evacuate the fields due to lightning.  An air horn will blow twice when        weather has been cleared to resume play. 

  • The Tournament Director may cancel some or all the games due to severe weather or adverse field conditions if, in his or her sole judgment,      continued play might be hazardous to the safety of participants and/or officials.  Any game that is canceled will be recorded as a 0-0 tie.

  • Referees may suspend play in any individual game due to severe weather or adverse field conditions if in their sole judgment continued play      might be hazardous to the safety of the participants and/or officials. 

  • If play in any game is suspended due to severe weather or adverse field conditions, the game restart and completion are subject to the              following guidelines:  

            · Any game which is restarted may not run past the scheduled start time of the next game assigned to that field. 

            · Games which cannot be restarted will be considered complete if one half has elapsed before play is stopped. 

            · Games which cannot be completed before the 1st half of play has elapsed shall have a recorded score of 0-0 for tournament rankings 

  • The Tournament Committee has the exclusive right to reschedule any canceled games.  Following widespread delays, the tournament                committee reserves the right to shorten the times of remaining games to reestablish a workable tournament schedule. 

Health & Safety

·       Referees make the final determination as to whether a player with a cast can play. 

·       In the case of an emergency, the tournament will have emergency resources available.  

·       Tournaments will follow heat index guidelines.

·       It is each team’s responsibility to provide water, ice, and first aid.

·       Each team must provide medical release forms for each player upon check- in.

Medical Attention

·       Every player participates at his or her own risk.

·       Each team is responsible for their medical supplies and for the treating of injuries.

·       Paramedics will be called to assist coaches and parents with injury assessment.  They are not the primary care givers of first aid.

·       The field marshals will be in communication with the paramedics.  However, each team should act immediately in cases of emergencies.

·       Directions to hospitals and other clinics will be available.

·       This tournament, held by the CR United SC and sanctioned by the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association, requires compliance with Minnesota Statue 121A.37 in accordance with the CR United SC and MYSA Concussion Policies.  All participating coaches and referees are required to take concussion training.  The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a free, online course entitled Concussion Training for Coaches accessible by the following link:

Spectators and Field Usage

·       Teams are required to pick up trash at the end of each game.

·       CR United SC will enforce a NO TOLERANCE policy:  Any player, coach, parent, or spectator who, in the opinion of the committee, demonstrates any inappropriate behavior will be immediately removed and banned from the premises. The Tournament Director/ Officials will resolve any incidents covered in the rules. 

·       If a coach is out of control, a referee may request the coach to leave before a game continues. If a coach is asked to leave a game, the referee will retain the member’s pass and will send it to the MYSA office along with the appropriate game report. The coach will serve an automatic mandatory two-game suspension.

Rules of Play

·       FIFA rules as modified by MYSA, and as further modified in this document.

·       Red Cards: Red cards will follow MYSA/USYSA Rules.

·       Referees

·       A three-person referee system will be used for 11U and above. A one- person referee system will be used for 9U and 10U.

·       Only USSF certified and currently registered referees will be used for center referees; club lines may be used in some cases.

·       All referee decisions are final.  Interested referees should contact our Referee Assignor, Charles Speckman at [email protected].


·       Games

·       Each team will be scheduled to play a minimum of three games.

·       The Tournament Committee will not be held liable for any “no show” team.  Teams not showing for game will automatically lose the game and be deducted 3 points.  6 points will be awarded to the opposing team.

·       Teams listed first on the schedule are the home team, and are responsible to provide a game ball and resolve any jersey color conflicts.  Uniforms must be identical for all players. Sliders/under shorts must be the same color as the shorts and above the knee.

·       Both teams will occupy the same side of the field and the spectators of both teams will occupy the opposite side of the field. Tournament officials will determine which sides the teams will occupy as well as spectators.

·       Each game will be played under FIFA rules as modified by MYSA, and as further modified within this document.

·       Games may start as early as Friday at 5:00 pm, and as early as 8:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday.  Games may be played after dark, as the Coon Rapids Soccer Complex has lights.

·       MYSA teams must reschedule any league games that are in conflict with the tournament schedule. 

·       If games are behind schedule, tournament officials may reduce each half by five minutes to keep the tournament on schedule.

·       Points and Tiebreakers

·       Games ending in ties will remain ties in preliminary rounds.

·       Playoff or championship games in a tie at the end of regulation play will proceed to two 5 minute overtime periods.  If the match is still tied at the end of the two 5 minute over-time periods, it will then be decided by kicks from the penalty mark following FIFA Laws of the Game. 

·       Listed below are the following tie-breakers in determining tournament points

·       Highest number of points

·       Win = 6 

·       Tie = 3

·       Goals scored (maximum of 3 per match)

·       Shutout = 1

·       0-0 tie equals 4 points

·       Winner of head to head

·       Winner of most games

·       Goal spread (maximum 4 per game)

·       Most goals scored

·       Least goals allowed

·       Kicks from the mark per FIFA Laws of the Game.


·       Teams that forfeit a game may not advance to any award round.

·       A grace period of 20 minutes beyond the schedule kickoff time, or the completion of the preceding game will be allowed before a forfeit is declared.

·       Failure to complete a match, or teams leaving the field during play will result in forfeiture.

·       All forfeits will be reported to MYSA.


Once registration is received, no refunds will be made.  Fees are non-refundable if games are cancelled for any reason.  In the event the tournament is cancelled in full, the Tournament Committee and the CR United SC Board of Directors will have 90 days to make a determination on any refund.

Updated: 12/01/2019


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