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CR United Soccer Club

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for 
CR United

The Parent

  1. To ensure players arrive on time for practices and games.
  2. To inform the coach if their child cannot attend a practice or a game. To be enthusiastic, yet not critical.
  3. To encourage your child and team but not insult or discourage the opposition.
  4. To acknowledge both teams good plays.
  5. To support, and not criticize, the referee.
  6. To support, and not criticize, the coach.
  7. To refrain from coaching their child or team; that is the coach's job.
  8. To help the coach where appropriate, with the coaches agreement.
  9. To be positive and not let winning and losing change your attitude.
  10. To use the mechanisms within the club if you think the coach is unsuitable.

The Player

  1. To bring a ball to practice.
  2. To ensure the appropriate equipment is brought to all practices and games.
  3. To perform up to potential; but by the player's own expectations-standards, not those of the adults.
  4. To get to practice and games on time.

The Coach

  1. To dress appropriately and smartly.
  2. To encourage and be positive in correcting faults.
  3. To discuss player progress with parents and players.
  4. To be prepared to restrain (politely but firmly) overly enthusiastic parents.
  5. To listen to the players.
  6. To be courteous to referees and assistants.
  7. To know emergency procedures, including ambulance telephone numbers and first aid.
  8. Comply with tryout, guest play and playing-up procedures.
  9. Ensure team’s attendance at CRU and Club designated tournaments.
  10. Take an active role in education about, and prevention and treatment of drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse; both in their
    lives and in the lives of their players.
  11. To be capable of working miracles on a regular basis!

Rights of the Player 

To enjoy, without undue pressure from the coach or parents, the world’s most popular game!

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