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Competitive Soccer programs

Our competitive soccer program provides year-round training with a clear focus on player development. Our coaches and trainers will help grow your athlete’s technical skills, tactical decisions, and game awareness as well as develop players' physical and mental toughness. Currently, we have more than 20 competitive teams ranging in skill levels, from beginners to premier level soccer. 


Competitive Program Fee breakdown

Competitive program fees are based on the age group of the team your player is placed. Program fees include all club provided training sessions, MYSA League (fall and summer) and all Age Group Training (AGT) winter training sessions. Several payment plans are available and can be chosen during the registration process. 

What about the "hidden" fees?

We believe it is important for families to know what their fees are before they register. Player development is not about how much money you pay or how many “showcases” your team attends. Development is about giving your player the right environment to succeed and the opportunities will come!

Team fees

At CR United, we understand each team is different and as such the participation in tournaments and additional activities in the winter will vary with the needs of the team. The needs of a premier level team will be different than an entry-level team. Additional team fees will differ between teams and will depend on where your player is placed. Additional fees may range from $0 to $800 per individual, depending on the team.

Although CR United is largely based on volunteer coaches, some teams may have a paid coach put in place. This may be for a variety of reasons. This would also be part of your additional team fees and is NOT included in your club program fees. Before accepting your team placement, you will be notified if your player has been placed on a team with a paid coach and the additional cost associated for the paid coach. This will allow you to accept the additional cost or be placed on another team with a volunteer coach.

The club tries to estimate total team costs at the time of team selection so players/families have an idea of what to expect going forward for extra fees; please contact our Competitive Director or Director of Coaching for this information. All additional team fees are collected by the team manager, not the club.

If you're new to competitive soccer, learn more about what additional costs the individual teams may be responsible for below.

Individual Team Financial Responsibilities

Each competitive player receives a practice jerseys included with their tryout fee. Once placed on a team each player is required to order a uniform kit, which include: two jerseys, one pair of shorts and two pairs of socks. Uniform kits are an additional cost, typically $115 - $150, and ordered through Additional items, such as warm-ups, can also be purchased from our team store on

Competitive History: Field of champions


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Birth Year/Age Group

Soccer age groups are organized by birth year. Refer to the age/birth year chart below to help understand the appropriate age level for your player according to their birth year. At CR United, we believe each player needs to be challenged according to their skill level in order to promote appropriate development.

Therefore, we do not restrict ‘play-ups’; however, other considerations need to be observed before placing a player in an older age group such as player size, strength, and speed. These considerations are for the player's safety.

Premier or Elite Teams

CR United has been steadily increasing the number of players that play on a MYSA recognized premier or elite team. The premier and elite teams travel and train more than most black and blue level teams. You can expect this to raise the additional team costs if you are placed with one of these teams. Potential cost can be expected of $1000 above the program fee.

Premier and elite teams typically train three days a week year-round and can travel out of state for tournaments 3-5 times per year. If you're placed on a premier or elite team, coaches will contact you about commitment, general tournament and training schedules, and travel plans for the year before you accept placement on the team.

If you have any further questions about our Competitive Soccer Program, please contact our DOC or Competitive Director for more information.

Year Round Competitive Soccer Model

The competitive season starts at the end of July with tryouts. Tryouts are held to evaluate each player to ensure they are placed on a team that is appropriate for their development both on and off the field. It doesn't matter if you are new to competitive soccer or if you are a seasoned veteran, tryouts will help place you on a team that is right for you. Tryout schedules each year are posted in June, please check our website for the appropriate date and time for your players tryout. If you are unable to attend or missed tryouts, please contact our Competitive Director or Director of Coaching (DOC) for opportunities in joining a competitive team after tryouts have been completed.

Competititve Volunteer Requirements

  • A $200 deposit check (maximum) per family is required to be turned in to your team manager.
    • The check will be shredded upon completion of the required volunteer hours
  • Each family is required to complete 4 hours for the entire season (fall, spring/summer).
  • Volunteer hours must be completed by July 31 of the registered session (August 1 - July 31).
  • Volunteer hours are fulfilled in the concession stand, during tournaments and other events hosted by CR United SC. You will receive email notices and notice on our social media sites when opportunities are available.
  • Please turn in your volunteer agreement to your team manager at the start of your season.

*Volunteer requirements, deposit amounts, and roles that meet criteria for qualified hours are subject to change. Information may change from season to season or based on other unforeseen circumstances.

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