With the governor’s announcement regarding return to play we are scheduled to return to play the week of January 4th.
Within the opening guidance comes changes in capacity for our indoor facility, Adrenaline Sports Center, which will only allow for 25% capacity. For reference, before we were able to fit 50 players/coaches on a full field and now that number will be reduced to 24 players/coaches.
In saying that, the nights/times your team practices will change to fit these allowances. Please check your TeamSnap schedule or reach out to your team coach to verify any changes.
All players will also be required to wear face masks during the entire practice, while in the facility. This is different from previously being able to remove their mask once they reached their field. Please make sure to remember to complete your TeamSnap Health Check and continue to report any contact or confirmed case of COVID-19 through the reporting form. As always, please reach out with questions to doc@northernlightssoccer.org with further questions!